UPDATED 1/5/22 – The new Madrasah Admission form is now LIVE! Click the button below to go to our Admissions webpage


Al-ḥamdu lillāh, we’d like to welcome everyone back for the new academic year. We hope you’ve all had a nice summer break. Here’s some important info…

• Hifz Class return on Mon 30 August – 6:45pm till 8:45pm.

• Madrasah Class 1-5 start on Wed 1 Sept – 5:30pm till 7:30pm. On the day all new starters 5 yrs+ will be shown where to go by volunteers inside and outside the Madrasah.

• Madrasah Reception Class (for 4 year olds) to start on Mon 20 Sept – In shā’ Allāh. Apologies for the delay, please note all spaces are full for this Class.


Are payable via full advance payment in cash or Direct Debit. Please note that the fees have increased this year (see Fees & DD Letter Link below).


To pay your child’s Madrasah fees by Direct Debit please click on the link below. After filling in the online form you will receive further instructions on how it all works. You only need to complete one form even if you have more than one child (SEE PDF BELOW FOR FURTHER INFO/BREAKDOWN). EVERYONE needs to complete this form AGAIN even if they used DD last year.

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Al-ḥamdu lillāh, our Madrasah has been going through many changes over the past year. Our aim is to become a Centre of Excellence where children can flourish in their Islamic education. We are very thankful for the support we’ve received from our hardworking Teachers, volunteers, members, parents and pupils. But most of all we are indebted to the Mission Executive Committee who have given us the guidance and freedom to implement these much needed changes. Here are just some of the fantastic things that have been actioned so far…

  • New structured syllabus.
  • New books with focus on Tajweed.
  • A new female Teacher who has completed foundation studies in Dars-e Nizami and a new male Teacher who is a graduate of Jamia al-Karam.
  • Regular Teacher training days.
  • Monthly Assemblies on blessed days
  • Madrasah holidays based around school holidays.
  • New behaviour & attendance policies
  • Direct debit for Madrasah fees.
  • Regular end of term internal exams.
  • Fully equipped new Madrasah Office.
  • Extracurricular Tajweed, Arabic and Seerah Classes. And much more!